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Sailing on Puget Sound (WA) - August 6, 2012

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Early morning overcast from the Seattle Sailing Club

Don arranged to borrow a J/105 (35') from the club, and recruited Georgeann (GA), Larry, and myself as crew

Underway at 9:48am

Turning north, along the breakwater

Open water

Heading towards Port Madison

Mt. Rainier in the distance

Meeting up with Damian and Bryant in Hidden Cove. The skies are clearing! 11:56am

Damain's mini-dachshund "Dino" takes a turn in everyone's lap, looking for warmth

Larry takes a turn at the wheel

View from the helm2

"Ready about, helm to lee", or something like that2

Verification photo. Thanks Damian!2

Which way is the vane pointing?2

Don takes a break from the sailing jibber-jabber2

Looking aft2

Sailing seems to involve spending a lot of looking up to the weather vane2

Looking into Hidden Cove

Quite pleasant and peaceful

Sails are stowed as we motor in

Looking out towards Port Madison

Return for lunch. 2:02pm

Damain is the grillmaster

Homes along Point Monroe

Best to cross the shipping lanes quickly...

Back to Seattle Sailing Club area

A small inflatable comes thru

Heading for the refuel station

Putting the sail cover on. 5:01pm

Lots of sail boats here

Basking in the sun before the return trip home...in rush hour traffic

Started out at Seattle Sailing Club (Pt. A) sailed to Port Madison, and down to Hidden Cove (Pt. B)

Sailing on Puget Sound (WA) - August 20, 2012

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Leaving the dock at 10:01am

Motoring out on the "Life is Good". Same J/105 as 2 weeks ago

Starting out much clearer than it did 2 weeks ago

Breakwater scuplture

Pricey boat

Into Puget Sound

Coast Guard cutter

Seals sunning themselves on the buoy

Enjoying the good life

Oil storage tanks

Kingston Ferry 12:23pm

Pricey real estate

Looks like Cape Cod

Watch your step :)

Helicopter responds to call about derilict kayak. Not sure how that turned out

Victoria Clipper

Monster container ship

...passing close to boats

Attempt to get a dolphin swimming. Lots of them today

Stowing the main sail outside the breakwater

Ricky at the helm

Looking aft after putting the bow line in place

Passed on the way in by a small boat

GA at the wheel of the "Life is Good"

Turning into the SSC area

Quite the pleasant day (again). Sailing washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. A slight distortion of a quote from Berthold Auerbach (German novelist, 1812-1882)

Captain Don bringing us back to the dock at 3:43pm. Thanks Don!

Started out at Seattle Sailing Club (Pt. A) sailed to Kingston area (Pt. B) tacking back and forth along the way. No apparent actual sailing plan. Just look for the wind and try not to get run over in the shipping lanes

Sailing on Puget Sound (WA) - October 8, 2012

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Looking sunny but windless. Seattle hasn't had any significant rain for 77 days! (since July 23)

Using a 40' J120 today. "Fast Tango", I believe

Exiting the south side of the marina

Boats and condos

And ferries

And tugs and barges

Blakely Rock Reef

After turning back from Blake Island (we didn't stop) , the wind died and we decided to motor back

Not sure what my intent was here :)

Putting the sail cover back on

Hazy Mt. Rainier to the southeast

Seattle still hazy in the distance

What a surprise, a container ship...

Back into marina. We did see whales on the way in but I didn't take any pictures, but others did

Into SSC docking area

End to another fine day of sailing

Started out at Seattle Sailing Clubsailed to Blakely Rock Reef and onto Blake Island (Pt. A) . Ran out of wind on the way back

  1. U.O.N., Olympus Stylus 770SW Digital Photography by William F. Smith (7.1 MP, 3072x2304 HQ, 3X optical 38-114mm)
  2. Sony DSC-T7 Digital Photography by Damian Clarke (5.1 MP, 2592x1944 HQ, 3X optical 36-108mm)

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