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Trip to Cambridge England - July 20 - Aug. 1, 2008

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Shot from my comfy business class seat on the Sun eve SEA to LHR (London-Heathrow) BA 747-400 flight. The departure was delayed for an hour because a baggage handler 'scuffed' one of the engines. The boondoggle begins...

After a few days of jet lag recovery, I started to take pictures. Marshall in Cambridge is both Aerospace and a series of car dealers (where the real money is made). To get to the aerospace part you walk thru the used cars first

Cambridge Airport and the Marshall test hangers are on the other side of the street. The whole reason for my being here is to witness the P-8A aux. fuel tank testing

View from hotel entrance

Looking NE on Downing St.

My domicile while in Cambridge. £155/night gets you internet access, full English breakfast (chef will make custom orders), and access to the fitness room (which was needed to work off the pub food)

Looking SW on Downing St.

On the way to the bus stop. Looking SE on St. Andrews St.. Later found many of my evening dinner places along this stretch

Drummer St. Bus Station

Here comes the Newmarket Road Park n' Ride to go to Marshall - £10.00 /week ($20 USD)

Early Sat. morning at the Eagle Pub and the famous RAF room

Outside Eagle Pub. Came back in the afternoon for lunch and it was standing room only. Didn't make it back until the following Thursday night

Looking south on King's Parade

Early morning outside King's cathedral. It was founded in 1441 by Henry VI and its Chapel is one of the most iconic buildings in the world.

Inside King's college

Inside King's college #2

Inside King's college #3

King's cathedral #2

King's college #2

Great St. Mary's cathedral. Not open at 8am. Return later to climb the towers

Continuing up Trinity St.

Crossing the River Cam. The Punts are lined up for the tourist trips

Park n' Ride buses come barreling down the narrow streets

Punt close-up. Doesn't look very comfortable

Castle Mound

View from atop Castle Mound looking south

View from atop Castle Mound looking south zoom

Back at Great St. Mary's at 9:40am. Not quite open, but I was told if I put a pound in the donation box, I could go ahead and climb. The present building dates from the late 15th century.

The top of the climb is fenced off, with camera holes in each side to take pictures

Port #1

Port #2

Port #3

Entrance to make return descent

Towers stairs are small tight and narrow

Back to King's cathedral at 10:00am. Long waiting line for paid tour to get inside. Not patient enought to wait...

Corn Exchange St. outside my hotel room. Late at night the teenagers roam and make noise

Inside the Grand Arcade

Heading south early Sun. morning. Closed due to "Technical Difficulties"? In the US that would mean health dept. issues

Still a quaint small mall area

More punting in the Mill St. area. Small levees separate the river sections. Riding along slack water on a hot muggy day for £14.00 didn't enthuse me...

Wandering thru Peterhouse college. I was unable to find an exit and had to return to the original entrance

Peterhouse college #2. Hugh de Balsham Bishop of Ely, founded Peterhouse the first Cambridge College in 1284.

Fitzwilliam Museum. The original building was designed by George Basevi, and opened in 1848

Inside Fitzwilliam Museum

Inside Fitzwilliam Museum #2. After this I was told I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the art (even thought the pictures are available on the internet)

Inside Fitzwilliam Museum. The main area is OK for some reason



Outside Fitzwilliam Museum


Downing St. (again)

Whale skeleton at Zoology and Whipple Science Museum

The business trip get aborted earlier than expected. Walking across Parker's Piece to get to the National Express bus stop

National Express bus stop. Yes, I stayed on the path, and didn't cut across the grass

View from bus coach seat. 2.5 hrs. directly back to Heathrow (several short stops)

Map of Cambridge, England from The official tourism website for Cambridge, UK.
Cambridge Univ. is a collection of old colleges, surrounded by a maze of old narrows street with old buildings, and a lot of pubs. After 10am Hordes of non-English speaking students wander thru the crowded town. Since the named streets are rarely more than a block or 2 long, it's not real difficult to find things.

Stop at Stansted Airport before the return to Heathrow Central

Have to take the Underground to get to Terminal 4

"Mind The Gap". When I got to the BA terminal I thought about getting a "Mind The Gap" T-shirt, but £19.95 ($40 US) seems offensive for a low quality T, so I kept the £3+ I had in my pocket for a future boondoggle...

  1. UON. Olympus Stylus 770SW Digital Photography by William F. Smith (7.1 MP, SQ1 2304x1728, 3X optical 38-114mm)

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