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Tieton River (WA) - Sept. 1-3, 2007

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Mt. Rainier from Chinook Pass. Since SR 123 over Cayuse Pass is closed due to last year's storms, this is the Tieton route this year. Google maps claims it's extra 22 miles and an added 25 minutes to the put-in, but it seems a lot longer...

Mt. Rainier close-up

Chinook Pass #3

Tieton - 3pm launch. Jim's maiden voyage in his Stiletto IK

Jim's first swim is captured at 2 angles

Pictures of people taking pictures :)...

From Snowdragon Adventure Shots - 9/1

Appraching diversion dam

Al starts over...

Going into High Noon

Looking upstream from High Noon

Primo surfing wave under bridge

Into Waffle Wall

Looking back at Waffle Wall

Windy Pt. take-out

Day 2 - Morning cribbage

After a 1 pm launch, Jim into Wild Rose

River ad for the babe in the bikini

From Snowdragon Adventure Shots - 9/2

Below diversion dam

Passing Emu island

Lower take-out eddy

Day 3 - 10:20am launch, and shadows in first rapids

From Snowdragon Adventure Shots - 9/3 (my inset)

Jim thru Waffle Wall

Al thru Waffle Wall

Al passes the Waffle Wall


Tieton River (WA) - Sept. 8-9, 2007

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Al give paddle crew instructions

Jim doing IK tricks

From Snowdragon Adventure Shots - 9/8

From Snowdragon Adventure Shots - 9/8

Dropping over the diversion dam

A reminder of next weekend's nonsense

Lunch stop

Al and crew coming into takeout... and then they rammed me

Day 2 - Al and Scott R2 it today

Al and Scott R2 #2

Al and Scott R2 #3

From Snowdragon Adventure Shots - 9/9 (my inset)

Survived another one


Tieton River (WA) - Sept. 22-23, 2007

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Al on the oars. Linda holds on to Sable

New wood blockage just above Tieton Rd. bridge

From Snowdragon Adventure Shots - 9/22

From Snowdragon Adventure Shots - 9/22

I like scenery

Sable does some river rock retrieving during lunch stop

Lunch stop #2

My dormitory room at Silver Beach Resort

Dormitory room means shared bathroom down the hall

Dormitory also meant "basement". I had my own private entrance at left

Dwindling Rimrock Lake (reservoir)

Upper reaches already drained and growing grass

Close-up of summer boat docks

Al and Linda opted to share a cabin. Note classy oarlock to tree river gear line

Camp area is overrun with rabbits

Day 2 - Morning at Silver Beach Resort


Morning panorama from middle of dry lake area

Morning on Rimrock

The 4 wheelers get a lot of use here

What would be an island at full pool

Roadside stop just below Rimrock Dam

Al and crew #1

Al and crew #2

Al and crew #3

From Snowdragon Adventure Shots - 9/23

From Snowdragon Adventure Shots - 9/23 Bye Bye. Last Tieton run of the year

Above Waffle Wall. Speck is the distance is the paddle raft. That's how it was most of the day

Undercut basalt between Windy Point bridges

Caught up with paddle raft at lunch. And off again....

River splits at "Emu" Island

Emus are napping behind fence


  1. U.O.N., Olympus Stylus 770SW Digital Photography by William F. Smith (7.1 MP, 2304x1728 SQ1, 3X optical 38-114mm)
  2. Olympus Stylus 725SW Digital Photography by Jim McCool (7.1 MP, 3072x2304, 3X optical 38-114mm)

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