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Grand Canyon - Sept 22 thru Oct 9, 2005 - 225 Miles - Day 0-3

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Trip Itinerary:
Day 	Camp			Bank 	River Mile	Rapids(Class,Event)/Comments
0	Put-in Group Camp	Right	0.0		Projected constant 8,000 CFS Flows. No Tides!
1	Soap Creek		Right	11.1		Badger Creek(5) Warmup
2	Upper North Canyon	Right	20.5		House Rock(7), Canyon Hike, then Night Intruders!	
3	South Canyon		Right	31.6		Indian Dick(4,D); shared large camp w/ USGS-USFW group

F= Flipped Raft;	D=Dump Truck (Swimmers Only)
FYI - My 15' Aire Cataraft was not an "F", nor did I "D"!

Rapid Ratings from "RiverMapsTM - Guide to the Colorado...", Martin and Whitis, 2005 2nd Ed.

Technically, Day -1 (9/20). Coming in from Zion NP, a stop at Glen Canyon Dam and a look at Lake Powell

Glen Canyon Bridge (AZ Rt. 89) with Page, AZ in the distance (the group congregation point). In order to take this picture I had to pass thru a security screening checkpoint. An obvious aftermath of 9/11

Overall Grand Canyon Trip Reference Map

Day 0 - During the trip rigging, Brogan models his favorite color

Put-in ramp at Lee's Ferry. We congested it by ourselves. This must be a real zoo during the summer when multiple private trips occur. Instead of a commercial trip, the USGS & USFW also setup to launch on a supposed "fish study", which resulted in Glen Canyon releases to be set at 8,000 CFS for 9/22- 10/7. No tides!

Day 1 - Final rigging after our morning ranger check-out and lecture.

I'm ready to go on the "Grand Adventure". Even though, I've got a heavily loaded cataraft, it's comparatively a lot less than the larger rafts carry. 11:30am Launch

Lunch stop just above Navaho Bridge, which we crossed on Alt. 89 to get to Lee's Ferry. Casey claimed the trip doesn't actually start until we pass under the bridge

Floating along in the slow moving current, enjoying the spectacular scenery. There's lots of these pictures to follow

Day 2 - Breakfast at Soap Creek Camp

Don IK'ed much of the earlier part of trip. I stopped counting his swims :)

Wildlife taking a drink from the Colorado. Wonder if they know they need to filter it, like we do?

Afternoon hike at North Canyon

North Canyon #2

Brogan carries Jane across the pool so she doesn't have to get her shoes wet

North Canyon #4

North Canyon #5 - making the return trip across the pool

North Canyon Lizard. Looks rather healthy

Day 3 - Upper South Canyon

South Canyon Cactii

South Canyon area from ledge hike prespective. Stanton's Cave in the distance

Exploring the caves above South Canyon

South Canyon - a classic slot canyon. Wouldn't want to be hiking during a summer monsoon and subsequent flash flooding

Day 0-3 | Day 4-6 | Day 7-12 | Day 13-18 | What Day Is It Anyway?
  1. U.O.N., Olympus C-740 UltraZoom Digital Photography by William F. Smith (3.2 MP, 2048x1536, 10X optical 38-380mm)

Last Update 30-Oct-05