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Crystal Lakes Hike - Mt Rainier Nat'l Park (WA) - July 4, 2005

Please be patient while the pictures load... "Clickable" WMV Movie Link are interspersed

Mt. Rainier on the way up

Mt. Rainier 10x optical close-up

Lower Crystal Lake

Lower Crystal Lake Close-up

Lower Crystal Lake #3

Trail to Lower Crystal Lake involved a little stream fording and bush whacking

WMV Movie - Upper Crystal Lake Panorama (518KB - 45 sec.)

Upper Crystal Lake Panorama 7 shots stitched together (scroll to the right >>>)

Needed the mini-tripod and self-timer to prove I was here!

Path continues on around a part of the lake, but the mosquitoes are getting nasty!

Alpine flora on the way down. Lupine, I'm told

Mt. Rainier on the way down

Trailhead documentation (6 mi. round trip, 8:30am -12:30pm)

  1. U.O.N., Olympus C-740UltraZoom Digital Photography by William F. Smith (3.2 MP, 2048x1536, 10X optical 38-380mm)

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