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Moab (UT), Scenic Drive and Arches Nat'l Park - July 2-3, 2004

Please be patient while the pictures load...
I only used 39 of the 141 pictures I took :)...

Colorado Riverway along Highway 128

Jerry mulls over the Colorado Riverway details

A gaggle of commercial rafts approach Take-Out Beach

Rocky Rapid

Rocky Rapid #2. The 'spots' are flying bugs!

La Sal Mountains in the distance

Fisher Towers
"The Fisher Towers are one of the most outstanding scenic features in Utah. They are composed of the Organ Rock Tongue of the Cutler Formation, and are capped by rock of the Moenkopi Formation. The Towers are isolated remnants of a 225 million year-old floodplain deposit. When the Colorado Plateau was uplifted, the salt deposits underlying the region buckled; subsequent erosion caused the exposure of Fisher Towers." (OCR scan)

From Fisher Towers viewpoint #2

From Fisher Towers viewpoint #3 (zoomed in)

Across from Dewey Bridge Put-in

Using the camera timer at Dewey Bridge

When constructed in 1916 Dewey Bridge was the longest suspension bridge west of the Mississppi

Upper Colorado Riverway (above Dolores River)

Plateau below Dolores River

Plateau close-up. Love those striations!

Confluence with Dolores River - the source of the red mud!

Along road to Castle Valley

Castle Valley

Castle Valley #3

July 3 - Arches Nat'l Park

Possible broken arch

Balanced Rock

Garden of Eden

North Window

Looking at Double Arch from North Window

Turret Arch

North and South Windows

Turret Arch close-up

Double Arch

Yours truly, after climbing to the second of the arches

Yours truly, close-up (Jerry S. took pictures)

Looking from Double Arch towards Windows

Delicate Arch (depicted on current Utah license plates)

Delicate Arch from a distance

Fiery Furnace (named for the afternoon 'glow', not a geothermal source)

Skyline Arch

Skyline Arch from other side

Devil's Garden. It would have taken a 3 mile + hike in 90+ heat to see the other arches, but we running out of time. We planned to be north of Salt Lake City before dark, and it was already almost 3pm, so we begrudgingly departed

Trailer hookup, and time for the 2 day journey home...

Arches National Park Map

  1. U.O.N., Olympus C-740 UltraZoom Digital Photography by William F. Smith (2.0 MP, 2048x1536, 10X optical 38-380mm)

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