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Clackamas River (OR) - Mar. 5, 2004

Down to Mar. 6 Molalla pictures

Please be patient while the pictures load...

Looking downstream from take-out

Looking upstream from take-out

The USFS added rocks to prevent vehicle access. Our tax dollars at work

Getting ready to launch2

Ready to go. It's Friday, 45 degrees and raining. Wonder why no one else is out here today?

Below Three Lynx power station

Hole in the wall rapid

Looking upstream from Hole in the wall rapid

USGS Clackamas flow - 03/05/2004 12:00 2.63 2,200 CFS

Molalla River (OR) - Mar. 6, 2004

Up to Mar. 5 Clackamas pictures

Bridge at Feyrer Park (Take-out)

Bridge gage at 9am - 3.55'

Across bridge on the way to put-in. Will have to make a hard pull to river left to make the takeout...

First major rapid sets above town of Glen Avon. Scouting rapids as we proceed upstream to put-in

If you come thru the first hole OK, there's more downstream. Vantage point for later action shots!

Stack 'em and rack 'em. Sure nice of the USFS to provide facilities at the tough rapids

Canyon is barely wider than the boats

Canyon wall close-up. The sharp basalt has the potential to be a 'boat-popper'

Apparently all the rapids on this river have nasty holes with smaller rocks in the way to provide challenge

Sure hope I don't get stuck on the little rock.

Mulling over the route

First columnar basalt section is just as narrow as the second (lower) one.

Oops! Not enough clearance to fit a raft under

No clean way to line boats around obstruction. Time to go back dowstream to find an alternate put-in

Road side access below first columnar basalt section. Gravity launch! Trout Creek in background

Exiting from second columnar basalt section

Bill enters left at 3 Bears2

Bill get shoved right.2

Al enters left at 3 Bears

Al get shoved right. Seems to be a trend here...

The full "Al" sequence. 2 frames/sec.

Al clears a river wide log

Lunch stop below Glen Avon

Weeping Basalt

Al inadvertently sacrifices some golden nectar to the River Gods. Level dropped at bridge during day from 3.55 to 3.45'

USGS Molalla flow - 03/06/2004 12:00 13.12 1,970 CFS

                       Gage     Stream-   
                     height,     flow     
  Date / Time          feet     (ft³/s)
------------------- (03_00065) (02_00060)
02/20/2004 06:30      14.01      3,050 		~4.5 ft at bridge (estimate)
02/21/2004 04:30      13.50      2,400 		~4.0 ft at bridge (estimate)
03/06/2004 09:00      13.16      2,010 		3.55' Feyrer Park Bridge (actual)
03/06/2004 17:00      13.02      1,860 		3.45' Feyrer Park Bridge (actual) 

  1. U.O.N., Olympus D-520Zoom Digital Photography by William F. Smith (2.0 MP, 1600x1200, 3X optical 38-114mm)
  2. Olympus D-520Zoom Digital Photography by Al Mickelson (2.0 MP, 1600x1200, 3X optical 38-114mm)

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