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Owyhee River (OR) - May 1-5, 2002 - 67 Miles

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Trip Itinerary:
Day 	Camp 			Bank 	River Mile (RM) 
Put-in	Rome,OR 		Right	0.0
1	Hikeout Camp 		Left	14.0
2	Pruitt's Castle		Left	24.5
3	Jackson Hole		Left	37.0
4	Upper End of Lake	Left	55.0
Takeout	Leslie Gulch		Right	67.0	

Owyhee Facts - On the road to Rome (very Remote SE Oregon)

Put-in lecture from BLM ranger includes music!

Below Jordan Creek

Rock Formation. What drove it's shape?

The fascination with rock formation continues in the flatwater...

Steve tries to redirect an excited gosling back to Mom...

Dennis and Don thru Bulls Eye (RM 13)

Michael thru Bulls Eye

Casey and Jeanette thru Bulls Eye

Preparing the breakfast feast

Morning ritual with Patches

Weeping Wall and beyond (RM 17.5)

South side of Pruitt's Castle

Wedged between 'Castle Towers'

Southwest side of Pruitt's Castle

Camp from Pruitt's Castle ridge

Chalk Basin and the Owyhee river valley

South side of Pruitt's Castle at sundown

Is it really attached?

North side of Pruitt's Castle morning hike

Chalk Basin

Indian Paint Brush (or so I'm told...)

Chalk Basin from the river

Michael thru Whistling Bird (RM 30.5)

Don makes it exciting for Dennis thru Whistling Bird

Casey thru Whistling Bird

Casey, Jeanette, and Dave thru Montgomery (shots are fuzzy due to limited light)

Dennis and Don thru Montgomery

Michael thru Montgomery

Across from Jackson Hole Camp

Hole in the Ground (RM 40)

Elliptical Devil's Tower (my name) aka. 'Columnar Basalt'

Checking out the Hot Springs above Greeley Bar (RM 44) - names withheld to protect the innocent

Yet another geological mystery...

Water Wheel Number One (RM 48.8)

Birch Creek take-out (RM 49) - possible alternate for next trip, especially if low water!

Even though we are out of the canyons, the scenery is still spectacular!

When you've got a tailwind, use it!

Afternoon hike on cliffs above reservoir end (RM 55)

"After setting up camp, Casey, Mike and I head up the nearby side canyon. Sometimes in the drainage, sometimes sidehilling, we make our way up the canyon. The drainage has rock scrambling, while the sidehill has looser footing and more exposure, as usual.

After two crux moves areas, one, a traverse on small footholds to bypass a step, and one, a couple of rock moves to surmount another step, we top out at what appears to be a level area or, possibly, a pass to another canyon.

We stand in awe of a huge, red wall towering above us. The wall is cleft by fractures and giant boulders, frozen in time, red and pink, some larger than my house, are strewn on the slope below.

Wishing to avoid downclimbing those tricky moves, we search for another way back to camp. Mike leads the way as we start a traverse down the opposite side of the canyon. He pushes the route across some nasty scree, above some cliffs, following a hunter's trail. I'm thinking aloud, about turning back, when he announces a clear path ahead. The trail easily takes us down to the mouth of the canyon where we started. We are elated to have finished a good hike; with interesting questions about the route, and answers that appeared at just the right times to unlock the puzzle of the way ahead." - Provided by Don L.

RM 60 - The tow-out boat awaits!

Tying the boats into a line

Tail end of the tow line - Michael and Don

Casey jammin' away during tow-out

Just to prove I was on the trip (ignore the red legs...)

Leslie Gulch take-out on Lake Owyhee Reservoir

Leslie Gulch and the road home...

05/01/2002 12:00		2.78	896
05/02/2002 12:00		2.75	864
05/03/2002 12:00		2.79	904
05/03/2002 12:15		2.79	904
05/04/2002 12:00		3.05	1160
05/04/2002 14:30		3.08	1200
05/05/2002 12:00		2.98	1080

  1. U.O.N., Olympus D-520Zoom Digital Photography by William F. Smith (2.0 MP, 1600x1200, 3X optical 38-114mm)

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