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Hell's Canyon on the Snake River (OR/ID) - August 8-10, 2002 - 32 Miles

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Trip Itinerary:
Day 	Camp 			Bank 	River Mile (RM) 
Put-in	Below HC Dam,OR 	Left	0.0
1	Oregon Hole 		Left	9.3
2	Two Corral Creek	Left	24.8
Takeout	Pittsburg Landing	Right	32.1	

Camping at Copperfield (OR) (maintained by Idaho Power) along Pine Creek

Gear and boats strewn across the Hell's Canyon Creek Put-in ramp, a venerable BEWET tradition

Finally on the water at 12:15pm. If Bruce hadn't just pushed Phill out it would have been even longer!

Entrance to Wild Sheep Rapid (RM 5.8)

Chris thru Wild Sheep

Bruce thru Wild Sheep

Tyler thru Wild Sheep

Bryce thru Wild Sheep and I took off paddle chasing...

Bill in Wild Sheep2

Jeff in Wild Sheep2 (I'm on river right taking the pictures you saw above...)

Dave in Wild Sheep2

Phill in Wild Sheep2

Scouting Granite Rapids (RM 7.8)

And the solitude is broken by one of the all too many jet boats we had to deal with. How can this be called Wild and Scenic?

Bryce in Granite2

Chris in Granite2

Dave in Granite2

Jeff in Granite2

Phill in Granite2

Tyler in Granite2

Twilight at Oregon Hole camp

Trip leader Bruce cooking breakfast at Oregon Hole. Thanks for organizing the trip!

Looking upstream as we depart from Oregon Hole

Floating serenely...

I'm thinking it's time to put my non-waterproof digital camera away and put my hands back on the oars!

Bruce and Chanson thru Waterspout

Phill and Lori thru Waterspout

Dave, Paul and Jeannie thru Waterspout

Jeff and Bryce thru Waterspout trailing the IK

Tyler thru Waterspout

Lunch stop to also inspect Indian petroglyphs (Johnson Bar water telemetry station across river - RM 17.1)

Jetboats occupy one of the primo sites at Pine Bar - RM 19.5 Do they have permits? Unknown. Same thing at Salt Creek RM 24.4

Two Corrals2

At Two Corral Creek camp - during the evening the water went from 8,000 CFS to 18,000 (~4 ft.) and we tied the boats up high.
In the morning, it was back to 8,000 CFS and we were beached!

New BEWET tradition - 2/3 of the group takes off from Two Corral Creek camp, while the others remain for a later departure...

Stopping at the Kirkwood Historic Ranch

Chris mulls over the historic significance of the Sterling bunkhouse (now a museum)

Inside, Jeff inspects the memorabilia


Mexican Hat2

Mexican Hat 22


Phill and Lori2

Bruce and Chanson2

The lower stretches are more open, flatter and hotter!

Hard to miss the Pittsburg Landing Take-out

Climbing towards the Pittsburg Saddle and the road home ...

Idaho Power Flows below Hells Canyon Dam (surely there's a logic to the fluctuations?...)

Gage Height (each increment equals about 8")

In case you were wondering who did the vehicle shuttle for us, it was Hells Canyon Shuttle (aka. Scotty's), a mile or so upstream of the Copperfield camping area at Oxbow, OR

  1. U.O.N., Olympus D-520Zoom Digital Photography by William F. Smith (2.0 MP, 1600x1200, 3X optical 38-114mm)
  2. Hewlett Packard C618 Digital Photography by Bruce or Chanson Kinney (2.0 MP, 1600x1200, 3X optical)

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