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Selway River (ID) May 28-31, 1998 - 47 Miles

Nez Perce Pass
Coming in from Darby MT

Paradise Ramp & Gage
4.7' at Arrival

Whitecap Launch

Selway Lodge

Selway Lodge Bridge

Black Sand Camp
1st Night

Black Sand Camp(2)

Tony Point Camp
2nd Night

Moose Creek

Double Drop


Upper Pinchot Camp
3rd Night

Wolf Creek

Selway Falls
BELOW takeout!

Camping 'Collage'
Photos by Garrett Smith

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USGS Daily Average Flows (CFS)
28th 29th 30th 31st
12,400 11,600 11,500 10,500

Lochsa '98 Warmup

Prior to the Selway trip most of the participants did a 'warmup' on the Lochsa.
The following pictures were taken from a video taken after an overnight downpour pumped the river up a full foot!
Click on thumbnail to see full size picture!

Full Size Picture Garrett and Phill get religion...

Full Size Picture Jerry, Craig, and unknown kayaker...

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