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Lake paddling in King County (WA) Jul-Oct 2023 Nisqually River (WA) 2023 Lake paddling in King County (WA) Mar-Jun 2023 Skagit River (WA) 2022 Sauk River (WA) 2021 John Day River (OR) 2021 Local Hiking and Biking (WA) 2021 Lower Sauk River (WA) 2019 Rogue River (OR) camping trip 2018 Lower Sauk - Skagit River (WA) 2018 Tieton River (WA) 2017 Back Home to PA and NY, MA, ME 2017 Owyhee River (OR) 2017 Green River Gorge (WA) 2017 Upper-Middle Sauk River (WA) 2016 Grande Ronde River (OR) 2016 Rogue River (OR) lodge trip 2016 Lower Deschutes River - Warm Springs to Maupin - (OR) 2015 Suiattle River (WA) 2015 Middle Fork Salmon River (ID) 2013 Thanksgiving in downtown Seattle (WA) 2012 Cascade Pass (WA) 2012 Puget Sound Sailing (WA) 2012 Greenwater Lakes (WA) 2011 Lower Deschutes River - Buckhollow to Heritage - (OR) 2011 Skykomish River (WA) 2010 Cambridge (UK) 2008 Lost Lake (WA) 2007 Alaska Lake (WA) 2007 Chinook Pass (WA) 2007 Crystal Mountain (WA) 2007 Lower Salmon (ID) 2006 Grand Canyon (AZ) 2005 Zion Nat'l Park (UT) 2005 Cedar Breaks (UT) 2005 Crystal Lakes (WA) 2005 Green River (UT) 2004 Moab / Arches Nat'l Park (UT) 2004 Molalla River (OR) 2004 Iceland 2003 Boston (MA) 2002 Hell's Canyon - Snake River (ID) 2002 Middle Fork Flathead River (MT) 1999 Selway River (ID) 1998 Main Salmon River (ID) 1997 Illinois River (OR) 1996

Enjoy the rivers and lakes and beauty of the Pacific Northwest and beyond!
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  • Lake Kayaking (WA), Jul-Oct '23
  • Nisqually River (WA), May '23
  • Lake Kayaking (WA), Mar-Jun '23

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