Local Hiking (WA) - January-?, 2018

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Jan-3 Spring-Desire | Jan-8 Taylor Mtn

Jan-3 revisit to Spring Lake - Lake Desire Park. View from the 'peak'

Echo Peak area

Winter view of Lake Desire is better without all the foliage

A crisp sunny winter morning. Optimum hiking weather

Jan-3 Spring-Desire | Jan-8 Taylor Mtn

Jan-8 Taylor Mountain Forest revisit. View from Holder Ridge

Very muddy trail today

View from Holder Knob 'Horse Picnic Area'. A few sunbreaks on the trail, but none when I had a view!

Trail Route. 'Google' hikes a bit quicker than I do. Took a little over 2 hours, including stops and water breaks

  1. U.O.N., Olympus Stylus 770SW Digital Photography by William F. Smith (7.1 MP, 3072x2304 HQ, 3X optical 38-114mm)

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