Rogue River (OR) - September 25-29, 2017 - 38 Miles

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Trip Itinerary:
Day 	Camp 			Bank 	Miles 
Put-in	Almeda Bar 		Left	0.0
1	Wildcat			Left	8.9
2,3	South Quail Cr.		Left	20.7		
4	Mid Tacoma		Right	32.6
Takeout	Foster Bar		Right	38.3	

Miles are 'River Miles - 23.2' from 2004 Rogue River Float Guide. Updated BLM camping info

Day 1 - Almeda Bar launch area. Just Jim and I on my permit, but there are lots of others

Like I said, lots of people

Approaching Grave Creek bridge

Below Grave Creek rapid

Below Rainie Falls. I got really stuck in the dory chute. No pictures

Attempted heron picture, but it turned away

Below Tyee Rapid

Below Wildcat Rapid

Flock of geese float by our camp

Day 2 - Morning at Wildcat camp. We stayed here last year. BLM made a short stop to map out site for river guide update

Others pass by while we pack and reload

Jim playing with his GPS. A leisurely 12:36pm launch

Below Slim Pickens

Thru Plowshare rapid

Above Lower Black Bar Falls

Below Dulog

Day 3 - Morning at South Quail Cr. across from and slightly below Quail Creek. BLM claims this one will be on the corrected map

Upstream from camp

Camp view from upstream promontory. We are doing a layover day here

Upstream from promontory

Verification #1

Verification #2

Day 4 - On the water at 11:53am

Floating along

Less fall colors this year than the same time last year

Mule Creek

Into Mule Creek Canyon

Canyon tightens

Approaching the Narrows

Jim thru Coffeepot

Barely room for oars

Stair Creek. Not the usual cold spray

Approaching Blossom Bar. Love the whiteish rock band

Into Blossom Bar

Jim's YouTube video thru Blossom Bar

Below Blossom Bar

Below Devils Stairs

Paradise Creek

Day 5 - Camp Tacoma required a short hike with equipment

Overnight we had put coolers, dry boxes, and garbage into the bear fence. Had some late night rain and early drizzle

Early 11:10am start for the Foster Bar takeout

Made it thru the Clay Hill Still without wind! Last trip picture. For me, trip #23 down the Rogue. First time in 1990. 9 camping trips, 14 lodge trips

USGS Flow at Grants Pass 09/25/2017 12:00 PDT 13.4 (56.1F) 1,380P 1.31'
Mon-Fri temp highs at Merlin, OR 79,86,89,87,71 (Upstream of putin)

USGS Flow at Agness 09/25/2017 12:00 PDT 15.6(60.1F) 1,890 CFS 2.71'
Mon-Fri temp highs at Agness, OR 81,86,92,84,67 (Downstream of takeout)

In case you were wondering who did the vehicle shuttle for us:
The Galice Resort
11744 Galice Road
Merlin, OR 97532
541-476-3818 or fax: 541-471-0188

  1. U.O.N., Olympus Stylus 770SW Digital Photography by William F. Smith (7.1 MP, 3072x2304 HQ, 3X optical 38-114mm)

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