Rogue River (OR) - May 14-17, 2014 - 34 Miles

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Trip Itinerary:
Day 	Camp 			Bank 	Miles 
-1 	Morrison's Lodge 	Left 	-10.9
Put-in	Grave Creek 		Right	0.0
1	Black Bar Lodge		Left	8.7
2,3	Paradise Lodge		Right	23.9
Takeout	Foster Bar		Right	34.4	

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Dock view at Morrison's Lodge

Except for our group of 4, the lodge is empty

Rigging next morning at Grave Creek

Ray and Grave Creek Bridge

Rainie Falls

Below Rainie Falls

3 shot Rainie Falls panorama

Falls closeup - no signs of salmon

Into the Dory Chute

Into the Dory Chute #2

Jim taking pictures below Dory Chute

Lunchtime shade stop. Very hot today! Upper 90's

Below Tyee Rapid

Tyee Rapid #2

Below Wildcat

Al takes pictures below Windy Chute

Jim and Al floating along

Upper Black Bar Falls

Into Upper Black Bar Falls

Lower Black Bar Falls

Black Bar cabins C and D this year. Oddly no other guests this year

Ray reviews the day's events

Standard Bambi company

Spring House (beer cooler)

Getting ready to go next morning

On the water at 9:39am, praying for cooler temps today

Jim clears Horseshoe Bend

At low levels, this rapid is a tight fit

Kelsey Canyon area

Above Battle Bar

Battle Bar escaped last year's Big Windy Wildfire burning along miles of the left bank

Missouri Bar lunch stop. End of burn area

Another water break and picture break

Looking up Mule Creek

Mule Creek panorama

Ray looks excited

Into Mule Creek Canyon

Canyon tightens

Good spacing

Above Narrows

Looking back towards the very turbulent Teapot

Stair Creek

Below Blossom Bar

Al checks out Paradise Creek

Paradise luggage tram loaded

Pre-dinner conversation

Al saunters back to the Garden House after an excellent dinner

Next morning the outfitter support boats are gone and we have the place to ourselves

The Paradise lodge trail is so much better than the Black Bar one

Well stated

Starting the way up to Deak's Peak

View from Deak's Peak

Shaded siesta chair. While napping I was awakened by a "I think I'm lost" which was a newbie (but older) USFS ranger looking for the Gleason Bar outhouse to replace the toilet paper

Self verification

Doesn't look as steep in the picture :)

Sparse Indian Paintbrush flora at the peak

Looking over to Charlie and Allen Peak. Still no desire to go

Back down to Paradise Creek for lunch

Pool reflection


The rest of the group joined on their return from their upstream hike

Heading off on my own upstream hike segment

Devil's Stairs view

Had some unintentional excitement here yesterday where the water pillows on the cliff wall


Pillow closeup

Paradise deck is shady, quiet and empty

Little known fact - People can lie in a hammock without falling out

Morning view from Garden House

Awaiting the lodge luggage pickup

Tram reloaded and on the way down

On the water again at exactly 10:00am

So ends another pleasant stay at Paradise

General's Stairs at East Creek

East Creek

Huggins Canyon

Canada geese shot

Tate Creek

Thru the Clay Hill Still

One of many creeks in the 'Still'. The 'wind machine' was turned on for the last part :)

Peyton Riffle lattice

Short break before Foster Bar takeout and return home

This year's group fleece wear. Thanks Al!

USGS Flow at Grants Pass 05/14/2014 12:15 PDT 15.6C 3,000 CFS 2.56'

USGS Flow at Agness 05/14/2014 12:00 PDT 15.6C 3,870 CFS 4.00'

In case you were wondering who did the vehicle shuttle for us:
The Galice Resort
11744 Galice Road
Merlin, OR 97532
541-476-3818 or fax: 541-471-0188

  1. U.O.N., Olympus Stylus 770SW Digital Photography by William F. Smith (7.1 MP, 3072x2304 HQ, 3X optical 38-114mm)

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