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Rogue River (OR) - May 13-16, 2009 - 38 Miles

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Trip Itinerary:
Day 	Camp 			Bank 	Miles 
Put-in	Almeda Bar 		Left	0.0
1	Black Bar Lodge		Left	12.6
2,3	Paradise Lodge		Right	27.5
Takeout	Foster Bar		Right	38.0	

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Almeda Bar put-in

Linda and Al in JTABAB

Rainie Falls panorama

Scott in Dory Chute

Scott #2

Al in Dory Chute

Al #2

Al #3

Below Tyee Rapid

Black Bar Lodge cabins. We had D,E,F, and H. It rained most of the night, and I reverted to wearing earplugs to migitate the pounding on the metal roofs

Very domestic Bambi

Day 2 - Riverside Canada Geese

Battle Bar tourist stop

Flora on hike to Zane Grey cabin

Unmaintained landing strip

Al checks out the Zane Grey memorabilia

Kelsey Canyon area

Above Rogue River Ranch

Mule Creek lunch stop

Mule Creek Verification shot. Thanks Linda!

Into Mule Creek Canyon

Jim thru Mule Creek Canyon

Into Coffeepot

Scouting Blossom Bar

Another party tries right channel

Ray opts for the normal left side slalom thru the Pickets

Neil, Scott, and Jim get through without issues

Paradise Creek

After a bit of bartering, we get the new guesthouse at Paradise Lodge all to ourselves

Guesthouse from woods

Hiking options. Deak's Peak is directly behind signs

Paradise's "Sasquatch"

Day 3- Layover day hike up to Deak's Peak. Large fir bough on way up

Paradise view from Deak's Peak

View #2

Verification photo. According to Google maps, Deak's is above the 800' contour, while the lodge is below the 360' contour, so the 'climb' was only slightly more than 440 feet

On the way down, a jet boat heads upstream towards Blossom Bar

Paradise Creek #1

Paradise Creek #2

Old mining equipment above Blossom Bar Creek

Looking back at Blossom from trail. Note small hiker 'specks' on scouting rock

Pacific Madrone. A broafleaf evergreen that has rich orange-red bark that peels away on the mature wood, leaving a greenish, silvery appearance that has a satin sheen and smoothness

Stair Creek Falls from trail

Looking back up Mule Creek Canyon

Trailside flora

Scott is leading the way...

Deep water pool

Looking down at Coffeepot

More trailside flora

Day 4 - morning from balcony

Sun streams into my room

The jetboats momentarily offset the peace and quiet on the float out

Tate Creek

Floating peacefully through the Clay Hill Still with current and NO wind!

Lunch stop above take-out

Lunch stop #2

Arriving at Foster Bar take-out, the derigging (and sweating) before heading home

This year's T-shirt from Galice Lodge. Good philosophy

USGS Flow at Grants Pass 05/13/2009 12:00 3.35 4,110 CFS 10.8 DegC (51F)

USGS Flow at Agness 05/13/2009 12:00 4.71 5,230 CFS 13.2 DegC (56F)
Looking at the 2 graphs, it's hard to believe they are on opposite ends of the same stretch of river. Apparently they were playing some final games with the Savage Rapids Dam before it's full removal

In case you were wondering who did the vehicle shuttle for us:
The Galice Resort
11744 Galice Road
Merlin, OR 97532
541-476-3818 or fax: 541-471-0188

  1. U.O.N., Olympus Stylus 770SW Digital Photography by William F. Smith (7.1 MP, 2304x1728 SQ1, 3X optical 38-114mm)

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