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Rogue River (OR) - May 4-6, 2006 - 38 Miles

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Trip Itinerary:
Day 	Camp 			Bank 	Miles 
Put-in	Almeda Bar 		Left	0.0
1	Black Bar Lodge		Left	12.6
2	Half Moon Bar Lodge	Left	28.1
Takeout	Foster Bar		Right	38.0	

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Morning stop at Galice Lodge for breakfast and to meet up with Al and Joleen, and get the mandatory T-shirt (see last picture...)

Rigged and ready to go at Almeda Park put-in. Ray is in a hurry...

Al's boat is fully loaded for camping the first night. Grace is ready to go also

Oil-water rendering of photo above by budding artist Diane #1

Rainie Falls. A lot more water than our usual October trips (4600 CFS vs 1100 CFS)

Main falls close-up

Middle chute area

Al comes down thru the Dory chute (as I did)

Al gets spun around, like I did also, but at least he didn't get stuck momentarily due to an oar getting caught in my shorts pocket

Ray relaxes in the shade at the lunch stop at Whiskey Creek. Almost all the camps now have bear fences

Another group was waiting for us to leave as they wanted Whiskey Creek for overnight camping

Black Bar Lodge. The cooks are enjoying the sunshine waiting for the other groups to show up

Ray and I got to bunk together in cabin "C".

Ray is working off his exotic beer selection under the Wisteria

We were joined by another group of rafters and kayakers, and a raft supported hiker group. Made for good evening conversation and story swapping

Floating along2

Pastel rendering of photo above by budding artist Diane #2

Day 2 - Meeting up with Al and Joleen breaking camp at Horseshoe Bend. Black Bar doesn't allow dogs, so they camped the first night

Logs placed on top of SI rock are a reminder of the earlier spring floods

Floating along below SI rock

Self explanatory...2

Scouting at Blossom Bar. At this level the right side is the way to go

Right side close-up. Keep to the left of the top curler. To put things into perspective, that curler is a boat eater at this level!

Across from Blossom Bar, a charred reminder of last last's fire which closed the river for weeks

Half Moon Bar Lodge (from the cabin). No planes on the airstrip this time

Al and Joleen got Pinnacle

Ray and I got Inspiration

Dining area inside lodge. Oddly it was only our group of 4. The other group of 2 didn't show

Joleen enjoys the wine next to the fireplace

Even a real bear rug

'Family' photo2

Day 3 - Kai (Half Moon resident) and Grace attempt to wear each other out

Sending the equipment back down to reload the rafts. Coolers were kept overnight in green bear box

Across from Half Moon, at eddy for Lower Paradise camp, waiting for Al to finish reloading

Jet boats bring tourists up from Gold Beach

Fall Creek Falls thru the Clay Hill Still

Looking back thru the Clay Hill Still

T-shirt composite, with words of wisdom

USGS Flow at Grants Pass 05/04/2006 12:30 3.77' 4,630 CFS

USGS Flow at Agness 05/04/2006 12:00 5.73' 7,250 CFS 13.8 DegC (57F) Water

In case you were wondering who did the vehicle shuttle for us:
The Galice Resort
11744 Galice Road
Merlin, OR 97532
541-476-3818 or fax: 541-471-0188

  1. U.O.N., Olympus C-740UltraZoom Digital Photography by William F. Smith (3.2 MP, 2048x1536, 10X optical 38-380mm)
  2. Olympus C-5000 Digital Photography by Al Mickelson (5.0 MP, 2560x1920, 3X optical 38-114mm)

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